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Swim Shorts


Getting something to cover your modesty when entering the swimming pool is always difficult. Be it budgie smugglers or getting those board short things we have all made some major poolside faux pas. Add in those weird 3/4 length trouser things and we are all hopeless, so we thought it should be easier.

Getting the length right was important, that’s why these are just above the knee, long enough to cover your modesty, but short enough to make it worthwhile wearing them!

Our shorts come in three colours and are made from a durable, but nice to wear fabric, they have an adjustable, elasticated waist, so when you’ve had too many doughnuts, you can relax a little. They come with two side pockets and one at the back so that you can wear them from the pool, to barbecue and back without anyone batting an eyelid, just remember to take important stuff our of your pockets before diving in.

Swim Shorts Colour & Size

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Small - 30-32" Waist, Medium - 32"-34" Waist, Large 34-36" Waist, XL - 36"-38" Waist, XXL - 38"-40" Waist.