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Stuart Sweatshirt


Well flipping heck isn’t this nice? This a is a lovely zip neck sweatshirt, based on those mighty fine tops that footballers used to wear in the ’50s to train in. They were originally worn by blokes in the US navy as they were warm, stylish and lasted ages. So in homage to this we decided to bring the zip necked sweatshirt right up to date.

We went space age with our fabric, it is a custom colour that has been specifically made for TRiCKETT and so it is called TRiTEX… obviously. TRiTEX is made from 22% metal and 78% cotton, these two things combined together create a beautifully rugged loop back fabric that both looks and feels good.

The metal isn’t in there because it sounds cool, it also serves a purpose, it reflects the heat back into the sweatshirt and it also rejects nasty germs that make things smell. So you will be germ and stink free, lovely. The fabric is navy blue marled with grey and white with a white loop on the reverse of the shirt.

The collar is made from one side TRiTEX on top and blue cotton underneath, this is to reduce weight and to stop your collar turning up like a stale slice of bread. The side panels of the sweatshirt are placed strategically for extra movement and stretch, with ribbed cuffs at the wrist and hem.

All in all a flipping lovely sweatshirt which will last you years. Now you can pretend to be an old school footballer who spent some time in the navy. Hard as nails.


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Like all goos loopback, this sweatshirt will shrink 1" across the chest when washed, so please bare that in mind. Even with that said, we recommend sizing down for a slimmer fit or stick with your normal size for a looser fit. PLEASE DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. the metal in the sweatshirt will cause the sweatshirt to shrink abnormally and we don't want that!