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Stokes Gloves


Our Stokes gloves are made for us in Italy by Antonella and her team. We feel that these hand coverings are what Italy does best. Knitted wool and cashmere outer and inner mixed with super soft and supple nappa leather.

These gloves are based on traditional Italian hunting gloves, so the leather reinforcements are for when you are galloping through Umbria on horseback. However, we all know, these will at best be dedicated to holding warm drinks and defrosting the car in.

Knitted cashmere and wool, leather, made in Italy and super warm. As far as gloves go, I don’t really know what else you could want.


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Just watch the video for how to find out your glove size, but ignore their chart, I just liked the video : 7.5-8.5" = Medium, 9-10" = Large, 10.5-11.5" = XL