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Squad T-Shirt – Navy


The squad t-shirt is the quintessential TRiCKETT t-shirt. Lovely fabric, beautifully made, has a TRiCKETT logo on it and it is embroidered at the bottom too. No more people asking you where you got your t-shirt from for you. We would like to think that this will become your go to t-shirt and if you ever do see someone sporting one of these, give them the nod. There are no labels in our t-shirts, so no itchiness or irritation. You can get irritated if you would like, but at least make it worthwhile, like the quality of pies etc.

So pop one of these on and represent team TRiCKETT wherever you go, you may even make some new friends along the way*.

*not guaranteed…


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This is a regular fitting t-shirt, so have a look at the measurements and get yourself a lovely t-shirt. For reference, James is 6' 2", a 42" chest and wearing a size Large.