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Spring Knit Caps – Windermere Blue


Just because the temperates are getting a little bit warmer, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a lovely knitted cap. Before the height of summer comes a lovely period of time called Spring where you can still wear lovely jackets, but can stay off the jumpers, scarves and bobble hats. Make sure to shrink wrap them though, no-one wants to come back to some moths having an all you can eat buffet.

So your lovely head is still a bit cold and needs some protection, that is why we have made our new favourite hats the Spring Knit Caps. This one comes in a lovely mix of mid and navy blue, inspired by the great Lake Windermere and sailing across it a few years ago. The cap is made from a cotton and linen mix, both yarns famous for their warmth and cooling properties. So that’s why we put them together, like the Pippen and Jordan of yarns.

It can be worn like a traditional watch cap, long like you are Nas in the ’90s or slightly turned up like a wandering old man. Any which way you do it, make sure to get one on your head.

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