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Spectator Jacket – Cannavaro Blue


Our spectator jacket is a little bit special. Yep, I know, you have been lured in by the azure blue and think to yourself that this is the jacket to battle your Spring / Summer this year. However, like we always do here at TRiCKETT, it is a little fancier than that.

Our jacket is made from a beautiful cotton twill that is manufactured in Todmorden, it is both rugged and light, making it the perfect fabric for an everyday jacket. The jacket is lined in a linen, for breathability and because we thought it felt nice. The buttons are manufactured in Nottingham and are a lovely size for even the most blearly of eyed to open and close.

The jacket has three external pockets (one at the top for your sweets / pocket square), two at the bottom (f0r wallets, keys etc) and one internal pocket (for Les Ferdinand stickers). The jacket cuffs have a 1.5″ turn up so that you can roll the sleeve cuffs back for a more workman like look if needed. The collar will move with your neck and is super soft aginst your skin. There is a high arm hole for more mobility, a single vent and our favourite bit, The “T Seam.”

Not only does the this seam at the back look lovely, but it also helps to keep your shoulders locked into the jacket making sure that you don’t flop around in the jacket when wearing it. A nice fitting jacket should move with you, not against you. I learned that in Italy.

So as you can see, buttoned or unbottoned, this is the ultimate dress up or down jacket. It will be the Francesco Totti of jackets, mixed with the hard working nature of Fabio Cannavaro. What more could you ask for?


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This jacket follows the Italian school of jackets. It is nice and fitted throughout the body and chest (by no means skinny or slim) and keeps your shoulders nice and secure with our T seam at the back. We recommend getting your normal size for a nice, summer fit or going up a size if you prefer a bit more room.