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We all love chocolate at Christmas, but after eating your own body weight in sweets treats on Christmas day, it all starts to get a little lacking. So this year, we decided to make a selection box that had something in you could use again and again. We also thought socks are the ultimate go-to gift, so let’s make some right nice ones rather than ones with Christmas puddings on.

Our socklection boxes contain 4 pairs of socks, we designed four pairs of socks inspired by Team TRiCKETT’s favourite chocolate bars for the pack which are the Fudge, Double Decker, Lion Bar and Malteasers socks, which you can also buy individually too by just clicking on their names above. But then we thought, we have chuffing loads of socks and some people do love to pick their own, so let’s do that too. Then we also thought, we know socks really well, so let us do the hard work for you and pick some socks so that you can pretend you have ace taste in socks!

The artwork for the box has been designed by our lovely pal Peter O’Toole who has made the box look super ’50s, there’s even a to and from on the side so that you don’t even need to wrap it. As a kid, I always liked those boxes where you could feel the merchandise through the packaging so that is exactly what we have done here too. Always good to see the merchandise. If you want to just buy the box, that is fine, it is a lovely piece, it would need 2 pairs of socks to make it look as good as it can, otherwise it’ll be a great decoration!

So just in case you are a little confused, here are your options:

  • Buy the box on its own
  • Buy the chocolate socks and box
  • Buy the socks of your choosing (just drop us an email afterwards)
  • Let us choose your socks for you.

Any questions, get in touch and enjoy your socks!

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