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Simpson Belt


Flipping heck this is nice. Sometimes we make stuff and look at it and think, “This is well good.” This just happens to be one of those things. Belts are god for several reason, but most important of all, is stopping your trousers from falling down. You don’t want to be that guy in the supermarket browsing budget custard creams on the bottom shelf, only to feel a breeze across your back / bum and have a pang of sadness about the fact that you wore your C&A boxers from 1982.

As much as you don’t think it has happened, yep the person browsing the bourbons did see and they will need therapy. So rather than having a cold back, feeling a bit silly and upping someones psychology bills, get one of these lovely things.

Made from veg tan leather, which marks and adjusts to how you wear it, making it a pretty personal and exclusive thing. The belt is burnished and will again change the more you wear it, coming up shinier and shinier. Add to that our lovely mascot face at the end of the belt and advice on the reverse size of the belt, you pretty much have the best belt ever made like.

For reference here is the size guide and refers to what your actual waist size / wear you wear your kecks / trousers, so make sure to measure before you buy. If you already have a belt, measure to the hole where you currently buckle your belt. It’s fun for all the family.

Small – 30-34″

Medium – 34-36″

Large – 36-40″

XL – 40-44″


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