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Navy Blue Long Sleeves


I didn’t believe it myself until I had a long sleeve t-shirt. However, you do actually wear them all the time. This is the go between we all need. When it isn’t warm enough to wear a t-shirt on it’s own, not cold enough for a jacket and the place you are going to you can’t layer up a long sleeve under a short sleeve / you’re not going to a Seth Cohen appreciation convention.

So strap yourselves in for a lovely long sleeved t-shirt. We searched and searched for nice t-shirts that have a ribbed cuff. We hate it when t-shirts get all flappy at the sleeves, but these will move with you and adapt to your every wrist curve. We like to wear them under a jacket or on their own, but it is entirely up to you. You’re a grown up now.

These and our other Graphic t-shirts are part of our 2 for £40 offer, just use the code 2for40 at check out. That would you can have more TRiCKETT T-shirts in your life. And who wouldn’t want that?


Clear selection


These t-shirt fit a little bit big. So if you prefer a snugger fit, size down!