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Map Tea Towel


The humble tea towel is by no means only intended for drying the pots. It can be used to keep food that is resting warm, wipe plates when presenting food (I’m looking at you Lee Herbert), use to keep your hands from burning when getting things out of the oven and in dire situations wiping up various bodily fluids from pets. Albert, our dog, likes to carry a tea towel in his mouth at all times, so maybe your pet might like one too.

We all have a drawer full of of pretty random and let’s face it, not very nice tea towels. So we thought it would be nice to have a map of exactly where we are from. Obviously maps can be a little boring, so we put our logo over the top of it. It looks a little over the top (dad joke), but sometimes more is more!

The towel also has a handing loop so that you can conveniently hang it on a door / whatever you want to hang it on. At least drying the dishes will be a little more fun now.

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