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Lounge Pants


Here at TRiCKETT, we have turned relaxation into an art form and seeing as the clouds are gathering and autumn is in the air, we thought this would be a great time to get our lounge pants back in!

Made from a mid-weight loop back fabric, we have put all the thought in the world into these so that you can relax in style. The fabric is super snuggly and super soft for those lazy days in front of the TV / organising your baseball card collection. The also come with a cuff at the bottom of the leg to keep the cool chill from getting up your legs. No-one wants that.

We have tried to make these trousers as stylish as possible too, just in case you need to leave the house in them. They come in an athletic fit, no too slim, but not baggy like the ones your dad wears. They come with a fake fly, side pockets that are lined in darker fabric (for the grey ones, same colour for the navy) and a rear pocket for whatever you use to hold your money in. So if you need to nip to the shop in a cup of tea emergency in these you won’t get laughed out of the building. To finish it all off there is an elasticated waist for when you eat too many pasties and a laced adjuster for when you’ve eaten too few pasties.

So go on, jump into something comfy and start relaxing.

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