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Lancashire Peeler


I am a bit surprised that it took us so long to manufacture a Lancashire peeler. There aren’t many items more Lancastrian than this beautiful thing. The place that makes them in Bispham, Lancashire, hasn’t made these for over 10 years… until we asked them to. The blades were originally made in Sheffield in the ’80s and have been polished up and fixed to our new handles.

We loved the original design with the twine and stuff, but truth be told, they end up looking a bit shabby really quick. So what we decided to do was make them out of recycled plastic. It was a proper major faff, involving an injection moulding company in Blackburn and a bloke in Blackpool who collects plastic bottles. I shan’t bore you, but here we are.

Ideal for peeling potatoes, carrots or whatever else.

WARNING: By purchasing this item, you agree that you are over 18 and aren’t going to stab anyone or anything with it. It’s for your veg, ‘nowt else.