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La Gazzetta dello TRiCKETT – Issue 1


Here it is. Our first ever physical publication, we were starting to get a bit bored with what was on the magazine racks and there is only so much stuff you can write about on the internet. So with that we decided to make our own newspaper / magazine. Inspired by our favourite Italian sports paper, La gazzetta dello TRiCKETT has articles about the only things that really matter to us. So expect to read things about Italy, photography, the ultimate cheese toasty, football shirts, ice-cream and much more besides. Some articles are written by me (Iain Trickett) and some by our lovely customers (we call theam TEAM TRiCKETT).

It has been put together by our mates at Teacake design, who have made something that not only pays an authentic homage to our favourite pink paper, but will look great on any coffee table / next to any toilet bowl. Printed on FSC certified, recycled 90gsm stock by our lovely friends in the North East, Potts Print. A proper labour of love, put together by people that we love. So pick yourself up a copy, get yourself an espresso / pastry and feel dead smug.

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