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L:A BRUKET – Lemongrass Soap


Our Swedish mates L:A BRUKET make some pretty lovely things and their name sounds a bit like TRiCKETT… Maybe. Anyways, what we have here is an alternative to washing yourself and or your hands in that sweaty, hairy soap that you have had for 2 years, that you have been meaning to throw out but haven’t.

Lemongrass is one of those fresh scents which is inoffensive and makes you smell very clean, which to be honest is all that we want. It is a little more complex than your average soap, so treat yourself to a smell sensation.

People have been judging you and it is now time to change your habits. This is a soap that can be used as a hand wash or as a body wash so you only need one soap for everything. It comes in a lovely bottle so people will be impressed with your excellent taste and it has a plunger so you don’t pour out too much. They’ve thought of everything.

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