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Kit Bag – Navy Blue


Kit bags, shopping bags, tote bags, whatever you want to call them, we feel as if we have made the very best that you can get. I know, seems a bit weird to go on about cotton bags, but we are proper happy with them. Now before we get into the whole “I’m not wearing a tote bag!” or “People will look at me weird if I have one of these”, stop being so silly. Old men in town centres across the world have been doing the weekly shopping with one of these for year, except no where near as cool. So sit down and relax, life’s too short.

Anyways the bag is entirely made in the UK, which is lovely. The fabric used for the bag is from down the road in Todmorden and is a sanded canvas, which is not only super rugged, but nice to the touch too. The handles are sewn in a similar way to how jeans are put together, which means they are hardwearing and won’t go snapping when you’ve stocked up on cantaloupes. The bag also has an inside studded pocket to put your phone, wallet or Les Ferdinand sticker to keep them separate from the rest of your stuff. The bag has mitred corners for a bit more of an interesting look and have the sportswear logo printed on one side and “From Accy Wi’ Love” on the other side, because we are from Accrington and full of love.

So now you don’t need to load up your pockets and feel a bit silly, chuck everything in here. It holds a surprising amount of stuff I will tell you. 19.5″ x 17″.

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