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Invisible Camo Socks

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Whenever any one asks me, I have to say that my favourite colour is camouflage. It just goes with everything and always looks great. I always wanted a really good pair of camo socks, but could never find them, that was until I made my own.

We asked Marina and her family in Italy to make us a great pair of socks. Little did we know that they would make us the ultimate pair of camo socks. A little longer in length than your usual British-made socks and a much tighter feel, these socks come in a lighter construction so as not to make your feet sweaty. The socks are made by hand and then inspected by Marina’s mum, who then ties pink thread at the toe to show that they have been inspected. Italian made socks, at this price, to this quality? What more could you ask for? We also like the safety orange in these socks, makes them look like you are on a hunting trip in Iowa. All the gear and no idea. Thats us!

We also thought we should get the joke in before you lot so the first image is with night vision on and the other is without. See… invisible!

UK 7 – 12

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