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Halloween Sweatshirt Socks


This is an entirely new style of socks for us here at TRiCKETT, our sweatshirt socks are made in Italy by Marina and her family. When we came up with the idea for these socks, originally we just wanted to put our name on them, but then Marina came up with making a sweatshirt for your feet, so here they are.

They mix the comfort of a walking sock, the lightness of a sports sock and the form fitting of a dress sock. An ideal sock for when you need a solid comfy pair for walking to the pub, running after the dog or just showing off that you have TRiCKETT socks.

These come in our super limited edition Halloween colourway of orange lettering, purple detailing and ash main. We are also launching them for a slightly cheaper cost of £9.13. Spooktacular!

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