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Halliday Cap


Here at TRiCKETT HQ, there are very few days that go past without us having some form of head covering. It could be that we are old fashioned and like to cover our scalps when out and about, it could be that we like showing off about what teams / things we like or it could be that we are follically challenged. Any which way you have it, we flipping love hats.

This one comes in a great navy blue which is sure to match all of your clothes and become your go to cap. The hats come pre-washed so look like that have been yours for years without the hassle of actually wearing them, they have brass eyelets on both sides for ventilation, a pre-curved peak and our lovely T logo on the front. Just to make the hats even more exciting, they are entirely made in Accrington, so a real piece of our history here. This is an adjustable hat so no need to get the measuring tape out. I have a massive head and the fit me just fine.

The hat to solve all your problems. Well maybe not that problem, but like we said before you really need to see a doctor about that.

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