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Gritty TRiCKETT Socks


When it comes to socks, sometimes you just need to go big. So that is exactly what we did, our first ever pair of Gritty TRiCKETT socks are here and crikey aren’t they lovely? Made in Italy from the finest materials that will ever grace your feet, we decided to put all of our favourite things into one sock.

The sock is nice and tight in the leg, with a lightly cushioned sole and a reinforced heel. The design cues for the socks come from classic skate socks from the late ’70s and early ’80s, but updated for a very modern feel. The sock comes in a classic navy with orange and neon pink stripes. the toe is finished with a Gritty TRiCKETT logo.

I know that we haven’t really discussed the big element on the socks, but I mean, just look at it. The detail on the tiger itself is incredible and stretches with your leg. What this means is that they  won’t grin a load of white lyrca through it like cheap, sublimated socks and it won’t itch like an embroidered sock. Perfect to be worn with your shorts and flip-flops or for a little bit of excitement under your trousers.

Luxury, limited numbers, wearability and a massive tiger. What more could you need from a pair of socks?

When you wash these socks, it will appear as if they have shrunk, they won’t, just pop them back on your feet and they will stretch back to you foot. Magic.

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