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Coffee really is something that you should take seriously, well sort of like. But what’s the point of worrying about extraction rates and arabica content when you’re sipping your coffee out of an egg cup (genuinely, I have seen that).

If you know TRiCKETT, you know that we take crockery seriously and that is why we have had our own espresso cups made for us. Hand made and decorated on the Amalfi coast, these cups have been manufactured by master craftspeople Marino and Umberto who have been taught by 6 generations of pottery maestros. The red clay that the cups are made from comes straight from Salerno, so there’s a little piece of southern Italy in every cup!

Each piece is decorated in a slight different way, but all feature mount Vesuvius on the cup with blue and light blue detailing and a plate with a football and Forza Napoli Sempre written on the saucer, again with blue and white detailing!

A piece of pottery unlike anything else. No more egg cups for you.

Forza Napoli Sempre.

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