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Football Boot Beer Stein

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Our steins seem to have achieved a cult status. They come in, then they go out. I am not saying they sell really quickly, but it is just one of those items that is nigh on impossible to resist when wandering through the TRiCKETT website.

Our mate Andrea and the team make these steins in the very traditional way. We asked her a couple of strange questions, but she didn’t even bat an eyelid, so here we are. Our stein comes in navy blue, you won’t see many of these around as they are right difficult to make and well expensive, but I mean just look at it!

We also wanted to do something a little special with the lid and that is why we have a football boot on the hinge. I flipping love football boots, drinking and steins, so it made sense to put this together like this. Finished off with the TRiCKETT logo, so you can tell everyone who you love whilst finishing your pint. Also for a professional stein tip, put this stein in the freezer for a couple of hours before you drink to keep your pint extra cold!!!

Made in Germany with a 500ml capacity (it actually fits 1 pint, but we aren’t allowed to say that…) so whether it is tea, beer, wine or tomoato soup, this will keep your liquid well housed.

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