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Double Decker Socks


Our Double Decker socks are here as part of our chocolate pack. Double Deckers are by far my favourite chocolate bars in the world, crunchy bits mixed with chocolate at the bottom, coffee flavoured nougat, then smothered in chocolate. I mean, what is there not to like? They also look like the colours of a certain college in America that beat my beloved Noles, which make me a bit sad…

In homage to this chocolate bar, we have created these socks. They come in a cotton yarn and feature the colours purple, orange and white, the ideal post Christmas lunch sock! They are ribbed at the top and loose through the foot, if you have a slim foot, we might recommend our wool socks as they are a much tighter fit. UK sizes 7-12.

If you want to buy these socks are part of a bigger order, want all the chocolate socks or you just fancy being nosey, hop over and have a look at our socklection packs here!

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