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Don’t Worry. Be Accy. T-Shirt – Accy Sky


We all love a t-shirt, we all love a slogan and we all love Accrington (well maybe not all of us, but it worked for the purpose of the introduction). Our ‘Don’t Worry. Be Accy.’ t-shirts are finally here and by crikey aren’t they lovely? Made from a lovely, soft cotton these t-shirts will leave you in no doubt what to do when you are feeling a little flustered. The cut of the t-shirt is slightly (and by slightly, I really do mean slightly) fitted to show off your curves.

The logo on the front is screen printed, so you don’t need to worry about washing it and the logo falling off like with some t-shirts and the very best part of all is that money from each t-shirt will go to Mind for them to carry on their excellent work. Believe me you, when you need them, they provide a brilliant service.

The aim of these t-shirts is to get you or a friend to open up about their mental health. Be there to be spoken to and let’s discuss our mental well being. If this t-shirt helps you or someone you love to speak about their mental well-being then we have all done our part to help. Be there, be well and be happy.

Don’t worry. Be Accy.

our graphic t-shirts are ALWAYS 2 for £40, so whether you want 2 of these or want to mix and match, just use the code MORETEEVICAR and get £5 off each t-shirt. Bargain!


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