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Our cycling jerseys are great. I feel as if I should tell you a bit more about them rather than finish on that note, so here we go. We have designed this top to be your go-to training jersey for winter, so it isn’t skintight, so that you can get some layers underneath to keep you nice and warm. The jersey comes in a mid-weight, breathable fabric that you can keep on your back for hours.

It comes in a 1/4 zip and has a hem with grip all the way around the bottom of the jersey so that there is no movement when on the bike. No-one wants to flash their Benidorm 2001 tattoo to other road users. The standard 3 elasticated pockets at the back and a nice high collar, make this your ultimate throw on jersey.

The design itself is inspired by jerseys front yesteryear, but with a very modern fit and fabric. Entirely made in the UK (Lancashire to be specific), it is available in both long and shirt sleeves!

We are also encouraging people of all shapes and sizes to get on their bikes. Whether you have a carbon fibre frame or whether your steel bike is mostly rust and being held together by Premier League 1995 shiny stickers, just get pedalling. If you order the jersey, fall in love with cycling and after a few months it becomes too big, send it back to us and you can have another jersey for 50% off! No gimmicks or time limits, just get out there.

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Please measure and read carefully. As a rough guide, order one up from your normal TRiCKETT size. However, do get the measuring tape out, it's right good fun!