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Coach Jacket III


Well here it is. The final ever Coach Jacket and if I am honest, we have saved the very best ’til last. This is three jackets in one, like a really good trilogy… Think Godfather, Back to the Future and Toy Story not Big Momma’s House. Anyways, the winter will one day arrive and you won’t be prepared for it, you’ll be thinking ‘Oh I am fine in this cotton jacket that couldn’t even keep lava warm for the whole of winter.’

You open the door and then wish you had a jacket like this. Made from the very finest melton wool from Huddersfield, which is both dense and light. Keeping you warm and surprisingly waterproof. The jacket is lined in the TRiCKETT house check, adjustable cuffs, front pockets, inside pocket neck and face warmer hood. That is before we get to the good bit. This jacket comes with a liner that can be taken out when the temperatures rise and replaced when you realise you were a bit too cavalier. Made from quilted and the edges bound in grey cord. You could wear this on it’s own for the Thom Cole look, but I doubt many of you will understand reference at all.

All in all a perfect way to end what has been a great trilogy. Good ending isn’t it? It’s not a dream I promise.


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coach-jacket-iii-copy This jacket has a liner and as a result is a little bigger than you usual jacket. The liner can be left in for when the temperature drops and buttoned out when it is warmer. Get your normal size.