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Classic Wallet – Polished Navy Leather


Our classic wallet is big enough for you to keep all your important things in, like cards, money, Muggsy Bogues Rookie card and whatever else you need. However it is slim enough for you not to look like one of those crazy people who have mountains of receipts and paper in there. No-one likes that!

Our wallets are beautifully hand made for us in the outskirts of Burnley from a polished Navy blue leather. Not only does it smell delicious, it will go on a leathery adventure. It’ll start of really polished and nice, then it’ll go rugged and  dull, before settling back to be polished an dleathery again. Certain beats your action man velcro wallet. Like a scrap book of things that you have done, in leather form.

Each wallet comes with a laser-etched TRiCKETT logo on the front and some words of encouragement from Vince Lombardi. You’re pretty much guaranteed never to meet anyone with this wallet, which only add to the excitement… oh and it comes in a lovely cloth bag too.

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