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Classic Jumper


The Classic jumper is finally here, we teased you with this far too long ago, finally you can sink your teeth into something lovely. Well that is if you like eating wool.

Inspired by those ace jumpers that motrocyclists used to wear in the ’50s, these jumpers are built to keep put even the heartiest of cold days. Coming with a raglan sleeve and round, chunky neck, these jumpers are based on the type of thing you see farmers wearing, minus those weird patches though.

So laugh in the face of winter this year, we have you covered.


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These jumpers have plenty of stretch in them, so please just buy your normal size. Wool is a wonderful fibre in that it stretches to your body, so don't worry if the measurements look a bit on the snug side. To give you an idea, I am a 46" chest and a XL is perfect for me.