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Ciro Di Marzio Calze


If you don’t watch the Italian crime drama that is inspired by these socks, then you really must. Probably one of the best bits of TV since the Sopranos. Our Ciro socks have the only three things that the main man cares about, cigarettes, guns and sunglasses (which he wears like a dream!). They come in a nice caramel brown and dark brown top, heel and toe to match the jackets that he wears most episodes. By no means is Ciro a nice bloke, but he is one of the best anti-heroes I have ever witnessed and, like me, he doesn’t have much hair.

Each sock has CALZiNi TRiCKETT emblazoned on the toe in brown and are just below knee length. Our socks are made by Marina and her family in Brescia, which is the home of Italian socks. Each pair is lovingly crafted in the family factory, which sits in a sleepy town in the famous region. Just to make things extra exciting, each pair of socks is hand fastened (by the mother of the family) at the toe using pink thread, a traditional technique used in Italy, to ensure that the socks have been inspected and stay together.

An Italian-made pair of socks, manufactured to this standard, for this price. Crikey! Forza Calze! UK Size 6.5-12

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