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Chalmers Apron

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An apron. Yes I know. This all started a long time ago when we had just started TRiCKETT and there were a group of blokes on Twitter complaining how the aprons that they had were either a bit novelty or didn’t fit that well.

So naturally we listened, stewed on it for a while, forgot about making them and then one day decided we should probably make some. We bought a load of aprons, wore them for a bit (should have seen the looks we got in ASDA) realised what was good and bad about aprons and made our own. The apron is made from a lovely navy blue 12oz shower / gravy proof cotton duck canvas. This makes it ultra durable so that whether you are making the Sunday roast or whittling sticks in the garage it can take a real hammering.

The eyelets are brass and give the apron a right lovely finish, the tape is grey polyester so it is extra durable. There is a top pocket with separate pen holder and two bellowed pockets at the waist. The apron also wraps around at the front so that you can wipe your hands on the side of the apron and not your trousers. The overall length of the apron is 90cm, so an extra bit of length too (get your minds out of the gutter).

I fully expect images of you wearing them cooking things, mending things, cutting hair, serving ice creams, watching TV and not getting tomato ketchup down yourself. However you wear them, just flipping get one and be happy.

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