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Carlton Jumpers


Our Carlton jumpers are made for us in Scotland by a team of people who have been knitting things for hundreds of years. The jumpers are made from a shetland wool that is then brushed to give it the ‘shaggy’ appearance.

The jumpers were classic fisherman jumpers for the summer months, until they hit cult status in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s amongst Ivy League students wanting to wear something a little more relaxed. Shops like Brooks Brothers and J. Press stocked these jumpers and got them on the backs of JFK, Steve McQueen and many more, just to make them extra cool.

Now I am not saying that these are the best jumpers ever made, but they are pretty close. They’re soft, light and super snuggly, what more could you ask for?

As regards sizings, the jumpers do stretch quite a bit when worn, like all good wool. So we recommend, just buying your normal size.

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