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Calciopolos – The Scream


There was time when we didn’t like wearing polo shirts. However, when you want to be safe in the mysterious land between casual and formal, a polo shirt pretty much fits the bill. Just because you have had to go to a barbecue with people from work doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make an effort like.

So let us present our calciopolos. These polos are to pay homage to great Italian football and we thought we should kick proceedings off with one of the more iconic moments in calcio. The logo on our shirt is slightly larger than your wreath / alligator / compass polo, but that is purely so our main man can be seen clearly losing his head. Made from a midweight cotton pique, which is perfect for the coming warmer months.

So pop one of these on and by all means re-enact this celebration when the burgers are brought out. Everyone loves burgers.


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These polos fit a touch larger than our press polo shirts. More sipping espresso after a 7 course meal, less professional footballer at a press conference.