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Berardi Loafers

£185.00 £92.50

Now, get back on the chair. I know you have fallen off at the sheer beauty of these loafers or you are stunned that we have done a pair of them. There is method in our madness I promise you. Ivy League / American sportwear and loafers go way back. Before sports stars wore basketball shoes as a sign of rebellion they wore tasseled loafers.

So we decided to make a pair, but bring them up to the present day. No-one wants shoes that their Grandpa wore. These are made from super plush grey suede and come on a good year welt, which means that just when you are about to start crying about your soles wearing in, you can get them resoled at your local cobbler! I know, I know, we are too good to you. The tread on our custom made sole units is from bits of the Union Jack, special stuff eh? No scrimping here at TRiCKETT

We went for the tassel and the fringe, as if you are going to have a pair of loafers you may as well make them head turners. If you want to be all Italian and wear them without socks that is up to you, if you want to wear them with socks and look like a ’60s American heart throb, again that is up to you. However, wear them well and be safe in the knowledge you have probably the nicest loafers ever created.


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