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Beach Bag Packs


We have all been there, wandering down to the beach with a series of plastic bags, all of which contain absolutely nothing that you need. So we thought we should make it easier for you this summer holiday.

So what we have here is an amply sized beach bag (19.2″ x 14.5″ x 5.5″) so you can get everything that you could ever need. On one side it has where we are from and on the reverse it has our lovely summer holiday logo as penned by Tom J Newell. The matching t-shirt that James is wearing in the photos is available here.

To get you on your way / so you don’t forget to pack them we have included a beach ball, which has been made in the UK from a biodegradable plastic (remember healthy seas people) and a beach towel.

This beach towel (63″ x 31.5″ aka big) is by no means your typical free towel you get when you buy 68 litres of diet Coke. Oh no, this is a digitally printed (using no water in the production, good for the planet), custom towel in our house tartan. Made from recycled polyester (plastic bottles that have been recovered from the sea, there is a theme here), this towel is as soft and fluffy as you would expect and exceptionally good for the environment.

Now you just need your suntan lotion, a drink, sandals, a book and your walkman… I am showing my age there aren’t I?

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