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Astroworld Hat


This is a new era in TRiCKETT hat making. We always want to offer the best possible product that we can and after a bit of thinking we have changed things on our hats. They are still the same great quality, just different.

This hat marks the start of our new mix of yarns for hats. Many members of Team TRiCKETT said that the 100% wool hats aggravated their heads, so what we have done is come up with the perfect mix of warmth, softness and durability.  Our Astroworld hat is made up of 51% Alpaca, 38% British Wool and 11% Acrylic. This means that even the most sensitive of scalps will be able to wear these all day without irritation.

Now that is a big change, but this year, we have even changed the shapes of our hats. Our new hats feature the TRiCKETT TOP, which is a slightly thinner knit at the top of the hat so that there are no weird bulges at the top and year head fits the hat better. You’ll know what we mean when you have it on your head.

Now to the design. This hat is inspired by one of the greatest sports cardigans in the world and a album that we are really into at the moment. Some call it the Tequila Sunrise, Some call it ‘The Cardigan’ pattern, whereas we just call it well smart.

Made in the UK from 100% British yarn.

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