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Accy Khakis

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We don’t tend to make a pair of kecks (that’s trousers for people who don’t live in East Lancashire) unless we genuinely believe that they are brilliant. We have seem trousers get slimmer and slimmer over the years and as nice as that is, we felt it was about time you had the opportunity to choose something a little looser. So here we are. The Accy Khakis.

They come with a double pleat at the front of the trouser, this was a feature that used to be on older style trousers to give you a bit more room not only in the seat of your kecks, but at the front too.

They come in a slightly fuller cut than your usual trousers, but by no means are they the slacks that American Dads wear. As you can see on our model, James, they are a little fuller through the thigh and calf, coming to a nice and easy taper. There is also a TRiCKETT label on the back paying homage to one of my favourite workwear brands that have clothed rappers from the West Coast of America for decades.

Made in Lancashire by Dave and his team in Blackburn, these trousers have been made to the very highest standards. Bound edges, reinforcements (they are T… for TRiCKETT… I know it’s well good isnt it?), lovely thick thread, the lot! The buttons are made from nuts (that is true) and are completely biodegradable. They are grey on the outer and the fly (with its great zig-zag stitch) has navy, white and grey buttons on it, the classic TRiCKETT colours. The cloth is a beautiful Italian twill that will only get better with age and come in a beautiful navy blue, you’d have to see them to believe the colour like. I know £95 may seem like a bob or two for these, but they support over 30 businesses and all the jobs associated with them. So get involved!

All the trousers come in a 33″ leg, so have enough room for a nice turn up. James is a 31″ leg and has a meaty turn up there as my Uncle John says “you could keep a sausage in them.” Or if you are posh, get them taken up by your local, friendly tailor. Pictured with Clarks Wallabees and Timberland boots, just so you can see what they look like with your footwear of choice. I wear mine with Vans most days and yes that Pink jumper is ours and is being released soon.

Go on, treat yourself and let your legs / body breathe again!


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Our measurements are actual measurements. Most of your trousers are vanity sized to make you feel like you haven't eaten that many pies, but in truth, you have. Best way to find your size is to measure a pair of trousers you like already and go from there. Please do keep in mind that these are to be worn a little higher than your jeans... your dad would be proud. These trousers do have a little 'give' in them so if they are a little tight at first, please persevere. Rough size guide. 32" jeans - TRiCKETT Small, 34" jeans - TRiCKETT Medium, 36" jeans - TRiCKETT Large, 38" jeans - TRiCKETT XL. All are 32" in the leg.