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We regularly get emails from people asking us to make more pin badges. It is one of those things that we always mean to get around to, but never do. So we made an effort this time and put together a selection of three badges, all inspired by our travels and where we live. Our badges are made in Lancashire by our friend Andy, who has been making stuff for TRiCKETT since day one. His badges are made from proper hard enamel and quality metal, so these will last ages!

MiLK bottle. There is very seldom a day goes by without someone mentioning the famous milk advert which features two kids talking about who they’ll be good enough to play football for if they drink milk. I haven’t gone into the full details of the advert as I am very close to throwing myself out of a window if someone mentions it again. But this pin is ideal for those who like adverts, Liverpool, the mighty Stanley or those who just love the bottles filled with a calcium-based treat.

TRiCKCiDA Flag. I went to Croatia recently and I was a bit blown away by how much the fans of Hajduk Split support their team. The ultras there are called Torcida (I suggest you do some research, it makes for fun reading) and have these flags and Ts everywhere. Us being us, we had to change things slightly, making the logo into our famous navy and grey, we also replaced the H with a T, just because, it looks nicer. What makes this badge pretty special is that it has two pins, so there is no chance of this badge drooping!

Red Rose. I don’t think I need to explain this, but the red rose county is where we are from. Apologies for all of those who would prefer a white rose, but I think my dad would legally disown me if we did it, however, if you have some spare tipex, I am sure you could do a good job. For the rest of us normal folk, enjoy wearing it. For some reason these badges are satisfyingly weighty and are an excellent size. You’ll have to buy one to know what I mean.

All badges are roughly 1″ high and will make any outfit look instantly better!

Made in the UK.

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