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Accy Denim – Leith Cut – Compton Road


This all started about 3 years ago when a long time customer of ours said that he couldn’t find a nice, slim pair of jeans that weren’t skinny and were made from lovely denim. Around these parts we sit on ideas for a while and then make sure that they are the best we can do. So here is our Leith cut Accy denim.

The jeans are made from a 14.5oz black raw selvedge denim which will help you to channel your inner NWA. Not great for sitting on white sofas (so don’t do it!), but fantastic for fading over time and showing those lovely personalised marks that adapt to the shape of your body.

The jeans are made in Lancashire (for more info on the making process see our video at the bottom) and feature all the things you would expect from a premium pair of jeans. The hems are chain stitched, the inside legs are felled (no unsightly overlocking here), fully riveted, a chunky yellow thread is used throughout to make the jeans more robust and look lovely.

The cut is looser in the thigh and coming to a nice taper from the knee (please see the size guide). Perfect for showing off trainers and giving your bottom half a slimmer, more modern look. No more Dad jeans for you. Every pair has a leather patch above the right pocket, which has been hand cut and embossed by our friends in Burnley. Just for that extra lovliness, each pair comes wrapped in a tea towel, because we are from Accy after all.

The standard inside leg length for all the jeans is 33″, however if you want them shortening it’ll cost you £10. If you do want them shortening, we recommend that you try them on first for size and then we can get the legs shortened for you.

We highly recommend wearing these jeans for as long as possible before washing, I tend to wear jeans for 6-9 months before washing (Febreze is now your best mate) and when it does come time to wash them, hand wash them or rinse them in a machine on a cold wash and watch those lovely fades reveal themselves.


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The Leith cut is a slimmer (not skinny) cut of jeans. Ideal for showing off your lovely trainers as the leg opening is nice and slim. As with all quality selvedge denim, they will stretch up to 2 inches in the waist when first worn. After the first wash they will shrink a touch in the waist, but will stretch out again when worn. Remember, most jeans brands are vanity sized, so if in doubt give them a measure! As a rough guide: Normal Jean size 30-31 - Small Normal Jean size 32-33 - Medium Normal Jean size 34-35 - Large Normal Jean size 36-38 - XL