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Accrington Rugby Shirt


Rugby shirts are a weird one, they have got a bit of a bad rep recently, popped collars and  bad jeans, but in truth they are a pretty versatile piece of kit.

I flipping love them and wear a nice jersey like this fairly regularly. I like to channel my inner Tupac / ’90s rapper, however you can also end up looking like an late ’80s Italian who likes eating butties in coffee shops. Whatever your inspiration it is fine by me. More than a little inspired by a certain piece of cult sportswear from France, but we are all friends here!

This jersey is made from a polycotton that is both rugged and soft, just like me. There is a two button placket with a top button to make sure you look ultra cool, no-one likes a floppy collar. The ‘sponsor’ on the front of the shirt is chain stitched embroidery, its a completely unnecessarily cool detail, but we think it makes all the difference. Made in the UK by David and his lovely team, these rugby shirts are one of the best things that we have ever done.


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These jerseys are a little short in the sleeve so if you have long arms, consider sizing up or you can roll them up and look well hard. Luca wears a medium.