Athletic Basics from the UK, USA & Canada

TRiCKETT is a brand from Lancashire (Accrington to be specific), we live here, we work here and we support here. That is not to say that we don’t look elsewhere for inspiration, like putting curry sauce on chips. We aim to recapture those first sporting memories you had as a child; be it attending your first game, the excitement of getting your first shirt or eating your first pie.

All our products are made in the UK, USA and Canada. That isn’t because we are on some mad crusade; we just believe that the best sporting goods are made in these places, which possess such a rich culture surrounding athletic products.

So thanks for checking us out, from socks, to tea, to t-shirts we have it all here. Products are in the shop, not because of how they sit alongside each other, but how they make us feel. We aren’t a massive enterprise and that will stay the same, we are very much a people not product operation, so drop us an email and let’s have a chat. We always get told that ‘they don’t build shops like the used to’, but hopefully we are pretty close.

Thanks for popping in and welcome to the team.